Cambridge Creatives/Cambridge University

Animated Cichlids Arranged Into Pattern

A collaboration between me and F.X. Quah (Eric Miska lab, Cambridge University) whose PhD is focused on algorithms in bioinformatics. This pattern is to demonstrate how the genetic relationships in various species of cichlid fish in Lake Malawi overlap (and make it harder to clearly trace their origins).

The number of cichlids from a species in the pattern are about the same as would be found in Lake Malawi and they swim to overlap more with the species they are closest to. It was a fun challenge making the pattern repeat, correctly display the information and still be aesthetically pleasing. As a bonus the waveforms in the background are based on genetic graphs that show the subtle differences in the cichlid’s DNA 🧬

The Creative projects were made possible by Wellcome ISSF funding.


Seperate Cichlid Assets